Philanthropic Activities at SPIPS

Humanity always accompanied with Charity : St. Paul Institute of Professional Studies follows the noble ideology of serving the society and stretching the arms to help the underprivileged strata. Consequently, various strategies are employed by the college for fund mobilization and philanthropy. SPIPS believes that no deserving student should be deprived of quality education due to lack of finance. Thus, the Management offers fee benefits to these students.

As a part of social responsibility, the college under the flagship of the Director and Principal has initiated a unique mission, wherein, the students of each class collect reasonable amount. This amount is used for distributing food packets and other essential items in old age homes and orphanages etc. This has ignited the spirit of social welfare and students have comprehended their duty towards society, city and nation at large. In addition to this, the students are also involved in non-monetary philanthropic activities like awareness campaigns on social and civic issues, traffic monitoring, literary classes and cleanliness drive in neighbourhood community. Round the year, clothes and other household items are brought by the faculty, staff and students. These items are donated by the NSS and NCC volunteers in the villages and slum areas.

The two villages adopted by the college are taken utmost care by way of regular literary classes, camps, cleanliness drives, donation of clothes and many more.

Distribution of Sewing Machine: The College celebrates its Patron’s Day every year on 25th January. As a result of caring vision of Principal, Dr. Sr. Alice Thomas, the SPIPS fraternity has introduced a humanitarian way of celebrating this day. All the stakeholders of the college collect funds and distribute sewing machines to the needy women thus it helps to develop financial independence and vocational help and brings smiles on over 150 faces.

Kerala Flood Relief Fund: Kerala was hit by successive floods in 2018 and 2019. At this crucial time, SPIPS Management, Staff, Faculty members and entire Student fraternity came forward to provide adequate funds and tried to contribute to manage with this natural disaster.

CoVid- 19 Relief Fund: During the Lock-down period, Institution came forward to help the downtrodden people who were fighting for their survival.More than 3000 food packets were distributed in various rural areas and some remote places nearby Indore. In addition to this, the students are also involved in non-monetary philanthropic activities like awareness campaigns on social and civil issues along with traffic monitoring in neighbourhood communities.

Sports Scholarship (EWS/CSA): College provides scholarship for the students of sports quota. It is a grant or payment made to support a student’s education.  Sports Scholarship is awarded to those students who have performed remarkable and achieved medals in the field of sports.

Academic Scholarship: Academic or merit scholarships are awarded to those students who have demonstrated a high degree of scholastic aptitude and excel in specific areas including classroom performance, extracurricular activities and leadership qualities.

Sports Facility: SPIPS always encourages young and energetic sports lovers to develop their sports skills and physical fitness therefore provide free sports training and providing Badminton arena to play Badminton and thus helps society to produce national level players.

Open Yoga Session: Yoga can help everyone by reducing stress and increasing working potential therefore every year college organizes open yoga session. Yoga aspirants can join online and offline mode and get maximum benefit.

Mobilization of Intellectual and other Abstract Resources: The institution mobilizes its human resources, too by visualizing, designing and implementing academic and co-curricular activities that challenge the students to the utmost and develop their potential to the fullest.

It encourages all staff members to reach their personal and professional growth goals by cooperating with their career development imperatives and discipline specific aspirations.

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