Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The Cell extensively works towards improving and maintaining the quality of education, identifying and suggestive new ways of using teaching aids, developing suitable infrastructure and offering suggestions for the new self-finance courses. IQAC is an effective and efficient internal coordinating and monitoring mechanism in the college. The role of IQAC in maintaining quality standards in teaching, learning and evaluation becomes crucial.

Therefore, for ensuring the excellence in academics, the meeting of the committee is held on a regular basis. Post to the declaration of the university exams, the analysis of the results is done by each class teacher and the same is analysed by the Director and the Principal. Accordingly, the remedial classes and bridge courses are also conducted for the students for those subjects in which the marks secured are not so good.

The committee also takes decisions pertaining to internal marking criteria, regular classes, conduct of the Common Class Tests, Pre-University Exams, Internship Training and many more academics related aspects. Owing to the efforts undertaken by the committee, the academic environment of the college has been very conducive and the college has now gained a considerable reputation in the city as far as academic is concerned.

Every year IQAC devises a yearly Perspective Plan in the beginning of the academic year and also gives an account of the outcome achieved at the end of the academic year. Feedback from all the stakeholders and the recommendations of the IQAC are taken into consideration and innovations are incorporated in further perspective plans. Student feedback mechanism, self-appraisal by teachers, introduction of teachers training programmes, faculty improvement programmes, establishment of staff academy, encouragement to teachers for research are some of the measures taken for quality sustenance and enhancement as a strategy.