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Rev. Fr. Simon Raj has extensive experience of working with International Relief and Development Agencies and Consultancies focused on poverty alleviation in the state of Madhya Pradesh. He has been leading Indore Diocese Social Service Society for the past 8 years as its Director and has been managing operations of 25 parishes, 210 villages, 50 slums, 78 Panchayats in three districts at Indore, Dewas and Dhar of Catholic Diocese of Indore. Earlier, he has served as the Parish Priest and Development officer at Chotta Bangardha, Airport area, Indore from 2000 to 2006.

Highly acclaimed for his program quality management skills, he has worked in collaboration with Miserere Germany, World Vision India, Caritas India, Caritas Spain, MPSSS, Child Line, CNL, MI, CRS and many other renowned national and international organisations. He has spearheaded various development program plannings, monitoring and evaluation operations at different states in India like Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.

Much loved and respected as a Youth and Vocations Director, Fr. Simon Raj has been working for the development and upliftment of Youth for 10 years now. During this tenure, he has also worked as a consultant with the Youth Rural Life Skill Development Foundation (YRLSDF), was the Program coordinator of the Asian youth Cross at regional Level in 2009 and served as a Program Manager at the National and Regional Youth Convention in Indore & Bhopal. Additionally, Fr. Simon Raj was nominated as a panel interviewer for CBCI CARD, Delhi and Caritas India Employee Selection.

Apart from his vast area of expertise, he has also been working as Freelance Consultant for nine dioceses at Madhya Pradesh, he has headed various significant consulting reports on social development and growth management.


“Inspire & aspire to create enabling environment that encourages everyone to explore their maximum potential, promotes self-esteem and inspires a life with dignity and knowledge”


Rev. Fr. Simon Raj is an effective communicator with proven team building abilities. Trained in Competence Assessment, he is able to draw the best from the people he works with. A people’s leader he invests qualitatively in need-based capacity building of the human resources.

Having strong analytical and evaluation skills he has led qualitative scientific and social research nationally and internationally and published reports, manuscripts in peer reviewed journals, presentations at meeting and conferences, etc

Networking, linkages and advocacy is Rev. Fr. Simon Raj’s forte. He excels in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building. Adept in financial management he was provided technical assistance for execution of various project work as superior and an external consultant and has been well appreciated for his efforts.

  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Masters in Sociology
  • Masters in English Literature
  • Bachelors in Education
  • Bachelors in Business Administration
  • Local Capacities for Peace building (LCPB)
  • Transformation Development Indicator (TDI) report writing.
  • Accessing the Competencies of People.
  • Human Resources.
  • Responding to Child labour- International Lessons Learnt.
  • Disaster Management.
  • LEAP (Learning through Evaluation and Planning).
  • Proposal Writing Workshop for Additional Non -Sponsorship funding.
  • Gender Sensitization.
  • Budget and Finance Management.
  • Child Protection & Policy.
  • Climate Change and Community Resilience.
  • Policy Assessment.
  • Twice awarded with the Best Social work Director by the Caritas India.
  • Formation of Platform for NGO Networking & Linkages.
  • Successful Youth Director for 10 years at Indore, Dhar and Dewas district.
  • Acclaimed for various initiatives on child Parliament at district level partially managed projects.
  • Acclaimed for various on community development through Organic Farming at Khurda & Dhani Block Level.
  • Consultant for the National Institute of Public Cooperation & Child Development, Indore
  • Member of Agriculture Community of Practice, MEHA, JAN SHAKTI & World Vision as a “think-Tank” to Identify, develop, document and champion integrated sector programming.
  • Member of India Program Quality Network, Caritas India with the purpose to clarify the concept of Ministry Quality in relation to World Vision India, Stimulated discussion on different topics and creative thinking.
  • Founding member of the MEHA Organization.
  • Team Leader for the Indore NGO Alliance, Indore. M.P.
  • Dean of Catholic Diocese for two District Indore and Dhar.


NameRev. Fr. Simon Raj
Office Address

7/1, Boundry Road,

Lalaram Nagar, Indore,

Madhya Pradesh – 452 001.

Residence Address

P.Box. 168, Bishop’s House,

Red Church, Indore,

Madhya Pradesh – 452 001.

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