Commerce Department

  • Study of Economic Progress of the Bank Loan Beneficiaries under Self-Employment Schemes in Indore District.
  • Study of Satisfaction of the Micro Finance Customers in Indore Division.

Management Department

  • To Study the Green Strategies adopted by IMC for Indore City
  • To Study the challenges of women entrepreneurs in Indore City in managing work life balance
  • To Study the impact of Social Media on Professional Development of Management Students of Indore City

Humanities Department

  • Employment Skills and Rural Transformation
  • Impact of digitalization on well-being of children of working Women

Science Department

  • Betterment for current solid waste management by applying improved technologies
  • Best Usage of Water in Industrial Sectors.

Computer Science Department

  • System Design and Implementation of Computerized Diabetes Detection System
  • System Analysis and Design for Computerized Employee Management System
  • System Design and Implementation of Computerized Canteen Management System